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5 Time-Saving Beauty Tips for the Busy Girl

Find a good concealer and use strategically.

Time-Saving Concealer

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When selecting a concealer, choose one with a small applicator. This will allow you to apply judiciously and target trouble spots for thorough blending and an easy look. The key to any time-saving routine.

Pick 5 hero products for a basic time-saving look.

pile of makeup


 When you’re a makeup buff, you may find that after a while, your collection becomes absolutely overwhelming.  Unfortunately this isn’t conducive to developing a time-saving routine. Choose 5 products that are basic enough to wear daily and cover the needs of easy coverage and a glowing complexion. See No-Makeup Makeup tips.

Use a tinted moisturizer.

Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

Using a tinted moisturizer is the ultimate in multi-tasking and helps with selecting your 5 go-to products. It will provide the starter coverage like a foundation and will moisturize the skin for better blending.

Dry Shampoo is your friend.

We all have that day when we’re in a rush and don’t have the time to wash and dry our hair. It takes time and leaving it wet is just not an option. This is where Dry Shampoo is your friend – remove oil build-up and refresh your locks without the time.

Leave Those Nails Alone.


Go buff. It’s as easy as that. Trim and file and they’ll be good to go. If you need a little extra shine, just apply a top coat for a glossy look.