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Beauty Trends: Top 17 of Fall 2013

Beauty trends are fleeting but here are 17 that will keep you in style all winter long.


Back To the 70s

What’s old is new again when it comes to 70s hair. From sleek straight strands to voluminous curls and teased hair galore, it was all there on the runway this fall. Diane Von Furstenberg and Kate Spade both showcased these styles on the runway showcasing their Spring 2014 styles. Want big hair for yourself? Check out here (http://glo.msn.com/beauty/big-80s-hair-is-back-9526.gallery).

Beauty Trends: Waves

Diane Von Furstenberg NYFW 2013

Photos: Alex Gariano for laurenconrad.com

Hair: Braids

Maybe it was the Game of Thrones craze but braids are back in a big way. It’s great because there’s no wrong way to braid so you can have as much fun as you’d like with them. Messy or sleek, braids are the ultimate all-purpose hair style!

Image courtesy David X Prutting

Astrid Stawiarz/Entertainment/Getty Images/Courtesy of TRESemmé

Hair: Ponytails

A sleek ponytail is perfect for everyday or the special occasion. A clear ponytail holder can keep it looking clean or you can wrap some strands around the band for a little added flair. Metallic cuffs or ribbons can be a fun way to play up the style as well depending on your preference.


Photo: HairRomance.com

Hair: Wet Hair

Seen all over NYFW 2013 from Phillip Lim to Herve Leger, the wet hair look is one that’s harder to pull off but when done right it could be a unique style for a night out. This style works for long and short hair alike and is perfect to keep in the arsenal for next summer. How To Get The Look: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/hairstyles-beauty/beauty-blog/how-to-wear-the-wet-hair-look

wet hair look

Photo: Styleite.com


Photo: The Fashion Foot


Makeup: Bright Colors

Forget the winter gloom and get bright! It’s the best of hte beauty trends. Pick your favorite neon hue and use it fearlessly for a stunning flair to your look. Want to test the waters? Pick your favorite color and select a slightly bolder shade to ease your way into the world of wild coloring. Just remember, if you pick a bold lip, keep the eye tame.

Source: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images North America

Photo: WeHeartIt

Makeup: Cat-Eye

Taking a page out of the 70s hair when it comes to retro styles, the cat eye has made it back into style. Get in touch with your wild side and embrace this bold look. Find out how to get the perfect Cat Eye here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLxbfHQk6YM

11 Fabulous Cat Eye Makeup Trends

Photo: Fashion Diva Design

Makeup Trends 2013; Cat Eye Makeup

Photo: Flooks.net

Makeup: Metallics

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s never too early to get a wintery shine to your look. We like metallic eye shadows but feel free to get creative and use metallic powders on your cheeks or lips for an all-over shimmer.

Photo: beautydelicacy.com

Lachlan Bailey for Vogue China

Makeup: No-Makeup Makeup

A dewy all-natural look never goes out of style. Perfect for daytime makeup or even a night out on the town, harness your inner beauty and go minimal. For some tips on how to get this look, check out here (link to blog post).

7 Beauty Tips for a Fresh "No Makeup" Look...

Photo: beauty.allwomenstalk.com

Make up or no make up - Blog Benetton

Photo: blog.benetton.com

Makeup: Bold Eye

A bold eye goes hand in hand with the bold colors that were found all over the runway this season. Mix and match colors, add metallic powders or use a bold liner to bring out those stunning eyes!

Palm Beach bold makeup

Photo: palmbeachlwp.com

Photo: eyeshadowlipstick.com

Makeup: Dark Lips

Neon not your thing? Dark lips were equally present on the runway and go perfectly with the impending wintery weather. Plums, burnt coppers and dark reds will plump the lips and bring them to the forefront.


Photo: Vevelicious.com

Lipstick Pinterest

Pinned by lockerz.com

Makeup: Cinnamon

Cinnamon isn’t only for your apple pie this fall. If you’re missing your bronzer, this is the color for you. The burnt color without the summery glitz, cinnamon works well both on the cheeks and your eyes. Pair with peach and gold tones for a full effect.



Makeup: Plum

Plum – it’s absolutely everywhere. Wines, purples and everything in between, the color is exceptionally flattering for most everyone. So luscious you’ll want to eat it.



Nails: Matte Colors

While glitter abounds this fall and winter, an interesting resurgence of matte nail polishes has happened. Accent with some subtle sparkle or a glossy tip to keep everyone talking about your mani all day long.

From: beautylish.com


From: collegefashion.net

Nails: Beige

Beauty trends aren’t all about being outrage. Being beige is no longer an insult. Add a metallic sheen or accents to this subdued tone for maximum impact – a mani that will go with your outfit no matter what you choose to wear!

From: lovethispic.com

From: weheartit.com

Nails: Geometrics

Cat eyes, big hair and geometric nails. Embrace the 70s all over with geometric nails. Triangles, boxes and everything else geometric this fall.


From: oneclickbeautycare.com

From: foxandjanesalon.com

Nails: Oxblood

‘Tis the season for deep reds and sultry coloring. Gift your nails some oxblood this winter and stun everybody with the bold color.

From: beautyworldnews.com

Oxblood Nails

From: magazine.cultcosmetics.com

Nails: Metallics

Not just for your makeup – metallic nails will give the perfect shine to any manicure. Use for an accent or an all-over polish, it’ll be as good as gold.

From: shefinds.com

Silver metallic french nails Striking Metallic Nails

From: glambistro.com