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Beauty Essentials: No-Makeup Makeup Look

If there was one look we feel is absolutely ubiquitous this season, it would be the no-makeup look. More challenging than you’d think, there’s an art to blending in the neutral tones so that there isn’t a hint of the effort. Below are 5 beauty essentials that will make it easy peasy.

The Beauty Essentials

 1. Start With a Clean Slate

Beauty Essentials: Cleanser

To help makeup blend in easier, be sure to start with a clean face. When choosing a cleanser, keep your skin type in mind. For drier skin, be sure to avoid products with a heavy alcohol content that would dry your skin out further. For oily skin, a cleanser with Alpha-Hydroxy Acids will help to eliminate excess oil and cleanse the pores. Sensitive skin? Keep away from anything with exfoliating beads or heavy chemicals that will irritate. The foundation of any beauty essentials.

2. Moisturize

Beauty Essentials: Lotion

By choosing a tinted moisturizer, you’ll be able to hit two birds with one stone. The pigments will become your base layer for evening skin tone and concealing blemishes while restoring moisture to the skin for a dewy finish. A good CC Cream would also be a good choice as they hydrate, treat and protect all in one.

Our CARGO Picks: Cargo_HD Picture Perfect CC Cream, Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

3. Concealer

 Beauty Essentials:  Concealer

What you think of traditionally when you think of beauty essentials. A good concealer is as good as magic when it comes to battling trouble spots. Find a concealer with a small applicator and dab light amounts to visible problem areas. When used sparingly and blended well, you won’t even be able to tell you didn’t have perfect skin to start with.

Our CARGO Picks: OneBase™, JetLag™ Concealer

4. Powder

Beauty Essentials: Powder

Using a brush and apply in a circular motion, apply lightly and blend fully to get matte, seamless coverage. Avoid if you have dry skin as it will be more difficult to blend and may be visible.

Our CARGO Picks: Cargo_HD Picture Perfect Translucent Powder

5. Blush

Beauty Essentials: Blush

Choose a blush color that will blend with your natural skin tone and not stand out. A bronzer could also work for a sun-kissed look if your skin has golden tones.

Our CARGO Picks: Cargo_HD Picture Perfect Blush/Highlighter