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Tahiti: 8 Things You Should Know

Get To Know Tahiti

A perfect honeymoon locale – you wouldn’t be disappointed with any trip to Tahiti. There are some things you should be sure to keep in mind when planning your vacation to this exotic locale.


Photo: www.tripadvisor.com


  1. Tahiti is actually made of two islands linked by an isthmus. Papeete is the capital city and one of the areas you should definitely see.
  2. Tropical weather is year-round but special attention should be paid to typhoon season since it is a possibility.
  3. Bring an electrical appliance adapter with you. Depending on the hotel, you could find 110v or 220v outlets.
  4. It’s common to put a tiare (flower) behind your ear – the right one if you’re single and the left if you’re taken.
  5. Tahiti is a part of French Polynesia which has over 118 islands and atolls over 5 archipelagos.
  6. On the island of Tahiti there are plenty of activities ranging from shopping to nature hikes to all the beachfront attractions you would expect.
  7. Flying from LAX will likely be your best bet – the island’s official airline operates daily nonstop flights from there.
  8. Citizens of the US and Canada only need a passport to visit – no visa necessary.